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Prayers for Rev. John LIM

2014-08-21 09:00:00

Our dear old boy, diocesan priest Rev. LIM Chung, John J.P. (1920-2014) returned to the Heavenly Father on Friday, 15th August. He was 94.

Father Lim was born in Shantou, Mainland China and later moved to Hong Kong. He joined the civil service after graduating from SJC and HKU and retired in 1975. At the age of 61, he was ordained priest in April 1982 and served in various parishes like St. Theresa's (Prince Edward), St. Jude's (North Point) and Our Lady of Fatima (Cheung Chau).

The requiem mass for Father Lim was celebrated by His Eminence John Cardinal Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong on Tuesday, 20th August. We pray for his eternal reward from God and ask for his intercession for us in heaven.