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F.1 Orientation Programme

2011-08-28 21:55:12

The Form 1 Orientation Programme was successfully held between 24th and 26th August 2011. The programme aimed at assisting new Josephians to get accustomed to the new environment of their secondary school lives.

A great variety of programmes was arranged for the Form 1 students. On the first day, the Counseling Team organized an interactive event to allow Student Counsellors from Form 3 to accompany the newcomers, showing them around the campus. On the same day, the Music Society presented a fascinating Recruitment Concert showcasing the musical talents of St. Joseph’s. Performing groups were introduced to the students one by one, and the excellent performances entertained the crowd. The last event of the day was a sharing session between the Students’ Union Executive Committee and the Form 1 students. The new Josephians shared their impressions on the new environment.

The Students’ Union Orientation Programme gave a brief introduction on school history, school clubs, and other useful information to Form 1 Josephians the next day. In the uniform group promotion session, Red Cross, Scout and St. John Ambulance demonstrated to the Form 1 students their routine and taught them some first-aid techniques. The rehearsal for the Orientation Mass wrapped up the fruitful day. The Christian Union taught the students the psalms that would be sung in the mass celebration in the School Chapel.

On the last day of the Orientation Programme, the Discipline Board and the Prefect’s Board gave an in-depth talk to the Form 1 students. Students were led to the St. Joseph’s Church to celebrate their first St. Joseph’s mass after the talk. The Aesthetic Society organized a talk to introduce the ATEC programme and the Visual Art classes in the afternoon. Excellent artworks of Josephians were brought to the New Hall for appreciation. The Junior Police Call also organized a talk to recruit their members. The JPC invited Mr. Ng from the Hong Kong Police Force to give a talk on anti-bullying. His humour fully engaged the students and the hall was full of laughter. The 3-day programme was eventually ended with a quiz on the knowledge taught throughout the Orientation Programme. The Students’ Union distributed many attractive souvenirs of SJC to the smart Form 1 students. Once again the hall was full of cheers and happiness.