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Student Festival 2011

2011-04-05 13:29:15

The Students' Festival hosted by the Students' Union several weeks back was a huge success, garnering much attention and praise from teachers and students alike. The unraveling of the dazzling, eye-catching "Fiesta" poster quickly caught the students' attention to the events of the Students' Festival.

Brand-new events were added to the Students' Festival for the first time in history, including an exciting tag rugby competition with the teachers pitted against the students, a Muscle challenge event that was immensely popular with the students, and a highly entertaining Teachers' Showdown event. The traditional events were proven to be no less popular and engaging than the new events. A captivating, tight and intense basketball match with students playing against teachers left many fixated and in awe. Many impressive and intriguing events followed, with many students willingly giving up their lunch time to watch or participate in the events. Fiesta stickers were distributed to students, and mini-booklets and the 500 limited edition weekly gazette were also a part of the extensive advertising campaign for the Students' Festival. The mini-booklets were highly-praised for their modern and refreshing design, while the well-received limited edition weekly gazette featured a concise, informative yet interesting summary of the events in the Students' Festival, allowing students to reminisce the highlights of the Students' Festival events.

With the use of Facebook pages, as well as other original promotion methods, hundreds gathered together to witness the monumental football match between the teachers and students. The thrilling and breathtaking match was further intensified by the stirring commentary provided by Mr. Peter Wong on the football match. The crowds were in frenzy when the Students' Union won the football match for the first time in years, with deafening and frantic yells and celebrations. Mr. Peter Wong even generously agreed to sign for our students after school, and a long queue appeared with desperate students trying to get his signature. This spectacular and sensational football match marked the end of the Students' Festival, and ended it on a high note, making students eager for the arrival of next year's Students' Festival.