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Taiwan Music Tour 2017

2017-04-28 09:00:00

This academic year, the Music Society, together with our choir boys and chamber orchestra, went to Taiwan for a music exchange trip from 15/4 to 19/4. During the trip, our Music boys were honoured to perform in front of an esteemed audience, exchange with local Taiwanese students and visit some famous tourist attractions

On 15th April, our Music boys had to wake up extremely early for an early flight to Taipei. After we had landed, we took a shuttle bus to the National Taichung University of Education to rehearse for an evening performance. We were allowed to tour around the university campus and were surprised by its size and facilities. In the evening, the university kindly hosted a performance for our performing groups. Our choir and chamber orchestra proudly showcased their abilities and delivered an outstanding performance.

On the second day of our trip, we visited the National Taichung Theatre. Even though we were unable to watch a show, we were given a guided tour around that magnificent piece of architecture. The Theatre resembled a cave and its interior design was state of the art. We soon learned that the Theatre incorporated many aspects of Taiwanese culture and natural elements into its design and structure, which was very impressive.

After that, we visited the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. We were able to appreciate different styles of modern art and immerse ourselves in various types of Taiwanese art styles. Finally, we went to the Fengjia Night Market for dinner. There we could enjoy different varieties of Taiwanese delicacies and experience the hustle and bustle of Taiwan's night market culture.

Our final destination in Taichung, the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park was on the third day of our trip. One of the main themes of the Park was its display of painted unused wine barrels, which was quite an interesting sight. This proves that the Taiwanese place a lot of emphasis on cultural development and encourages innovation. After visiting the park, we bid Taichung farewell and took a shuttle bus to Taipei.

Our first destination in Taipei was the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, one of Taiwan's most famous landmarks. The Memorial Hall had described the arduous journey to power for the late president Chiang Kai-shek and we were able to witness a marching ceremony of the guards at the main entrance of the Memorial Hall.

We later on went to another popular landmark, Ximending. Our students were able to see its wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories whilst strolling down its streets. It was such a refreshing experience for all of us.

On the fourth day of our trip, we visited the Ju Ming Museum. We were able to see how Ju Ming's sculptures were able to capture life and nature through their rustic and outlandish designs. It also gave us a different perspective towards art by conveying the message that art does not always need to be all about perfect strokes and styles.

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