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BAFS Seoul Study Trip Reflection

2017-05-04 09:32:21

The study trip to Korea was indeed enriching for me, not only has it broadened my horizons, but also allowed me to take a step forward to explore business-related studies in Korea. Within those 5 days I enhanced my understanding of Korea's culture and history, while identifying the differences between Hong Kong's and Korea's business environments. Through visiting a number of corporations and local markets, I exposed myself to brand new experiences which I had never thought or been aware of before.

If I were to name the most remarkable part of the trip, visiting K-style Hub would definitely be my choice. As a famous tourist spot which demonstrates Korea's local culture and the latest development, K-Style Hub has brought me new insights about Korea, such as the focus of Korea's current development and the medical industry, as well as the details of Korean's daily life including dining habits. Acknowledging the fact that ageing population has been a global trend around the world, I reckon that the rapid growth of medical development would undoubtedly benefit Korea in the coming future. On the other hand, I have come into realization that the history of Korea under the influence of its neighboring countries has left its pronounced footprints on Korean's lifestyles and traditions.

I believe that the study trip to Korea has not only expanded my knowledge and widened my experience, it has also equipped me to be ready for my future career. All in all, the form-five study tour is certainly an exhilarating and inspiring experience which Josephians should never miss out.

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