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Oxfam Trailwalker 2017

2017-11-30 14:33:13

In support of Oxfam's mission of fighting poverty and injustice throughout the world, a team of four SJC teachers: Mr Tse CK, Mr Ip KK, Mr Tony Chan, and Mr Tam CY took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker 2017.

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the toughest hiking events of its kind in the world. To be well-prepared for this endurance demanding event, our teachers had started training several months ago. On 17 November 2017, SJC team braved the early-morning chill gathering at the starting point in Sai Kung, and was ready to begin the quest for the finish line in Yuen Long within a 48-hour time limit.

Along the grueling 100km MacLehose Trail, SJC team was joined in by SJC support team members consisting of Mr Berton Chung, Mr Benny Yeung, Mr Kwok TM, Mr Chow SK, Ms Lawrence Li, Mr Jeffrey Yim, Mr Chu LY and Mr Ng YK at every checkpoint, being offered food, water, refreshments, and, most importantly, the greatest spiritual support ever. No matter how long the hardship lasts, all SJC members demonstrated superb spirit of teamwork and co-operation by sticking with each other throughout the journey.

This annual fundraising hiking event is truly a testament to the perseverance and determination of every participant. With the unfailing support from SJC support team members, SJC team at last crossed the finishing line in an official time of 34.26.00.

Mission accomplished!

You will never walk alone, Josephians!