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Lunchtime concert

2010-11-15 13:29:22

Music Education is crucial to one' s aesthetic development. It is therefore essential to let students develop their musical sense by appreciating music pieces performed by different music instruments. Also, under the new NSS system, every student needs a given amount of O.L.E. hours so that the basic requirements of curriculum are met. This lunchtime concert can help students to achieve those requirements. Furthermore, the lunchtime concert can improve the quality of our school??s music performing groups by allowing them to gain more performing experience. Therefore, the Music Society proposes to organize the Lunchtime Concert 2011 this year.

The first lunchtime concert was an incredible success ?V the Old Hall was a full house and simply filled up with audience. The main performing group of the Concert was the Josephian Chamber Orchestra, playing Canon in D, Menuette and Passacaglia. Student soloists Brian Fan and Josef Ng, as well as Mr. C.Y. Tam appeared as guest performers in the concert. To promote the concert, we put up posters; conducted class visits as well as advertising on Facebook.

Besides, we contacted the MMLC to help us broadcast the concert in different places of the school, such as the Canteen. We had also recorded the FULL lunchtime concert for future promotion. We found that the decision to include teachers' performances was made wisely as they often attracted a considerable number of students and teachers. Students also found that the repertoire were quite fascinating and thus are willing to come in the future lunchtime concerts. As the response of audience was quite positive, we will continually invite different teachers as our guest performers.