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S1 Admission Talk 2020-2021

2020-12-07 12:00:00

SJC S1 Admission Talk 2020-2021 - English Version

SJC S1 Admission Talk 2020-2021 - Q&A Session

SJC S1 Admission Talk 2020-2021 - Q&A Session - English Version

Prospectus 2020-2021

Due to a worsening fourth wave of Covid-19 in the city, our S1 Admission Talk this year is to be conducted online via a live broadcast. The information to be shared in the talk will be made available on our school website, so please be rest assured that this mode of delivery is not going to compromise on the dissemination of information.

Our school provides 54 Discretionary Places, and receives over 500 applications each year. To start an application, please fill in the application form, which is to be uploaded to the school website by mid-December, and submit it along with all necessary documents to 7 Kennedy Road School Office before 18th January 2021. As per regulations from the Education Bureau, applicants may submit their applications by post this year. However, we still encourage applicants to pay a visit to our School Office personally, as our staff members can help ensure that all necessary documents are submitted and are in order. If the application is to be sent by post, we recommend using registered mail, which guarantees that your application reaches us before the deadline.

This year's Secondary 1 Admission Interview will be held on 27th February 2021, and candidates will receive an invitation by post prior to the day. In addition to an assessment of applicants' Chinese Language (both Cantonese and Putonghua) and English Language proficiency, and their Mathematics capabilities, a group discussion session will also be conducted, which evaluates applicants' abilities in five core aspects: problem solving, critical thinking, logical thinking, communication skills, and creativity. We take pride in our Josephians, who think quickly, logically, and sensibly. We also value students who read widely. On the day of the interview, please dress smartly. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by email and telephone by 31st March 2021.

The recruitment of the brightest Secondary 1 learners in the territory means that there are a lot of talents to be discovered and developed, and for that to happen, our school must ensure that we are offering everything we can to cater to the learning needs of our students. Vision 22, our latest renovation project, aims to redesign and revamp our school campus in a way that prepares us well for the new era. The first phase of the project includes the addition of a STEM Lab, a Visual Arts Room, an Information Technology Learning Centre as well as a Campus TV Room, and is scheduled to begin in June 2021. Paralleling the rise of online learning, our school is also facilitating E-Learning, which better prepares our students for the technological world we are in.

We also boast a strong alumni network, with many dedicated old boys willing to support our students. Our Old Boys' Association offers scholarships, internships and advice to our students, unites Josephians across different ages and fields, and, as a whole, creates a better learning environment for not only our current students but also the generations to come.