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ITQ 2012

2012-05-11 12:56:51

Our campus was filled with applause and cheer by ITQ 2012 Final which was successfully held on 5th May 2012 in the New Hall. There were 10 brilliant contestants competed with their outstanding vocal talents. The remarkable singing and dancing of Nicholas Kendal Thornley Chan from F.5B has brought the house down and won the Championship. The audience were on the edge of their seat while they were enjoying the thrilling performances from our guest of hounour, namely Khalil Fong, one of the most famous singers in Hong Kong; Fiona Sit, the well-known pop queen; Endy Chow, the popular rock star; and Gin Lee, the promising new singer of the year. Even more, Momentum, one of the renowned teen singing groups in town, also performed a series of popular songs for us. Both of the audiences and contestants were immersed in the breathtaking vocal music and fascinating performances throughout the night of ITQ 2012.