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Annual Christmas Mass and Party 2010

2010-10-30 13:29:40

The Christmas Mass and Party was held to celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus, in prior, as a prologue to the joyful moment two thousand years ago. It also served as a chance for the participants to share their joy while learning more about the history of the Nativity.

The mass was held in the school chapel at 8:45am and was hosted by Father Harry Wong of Opus Dei. The homily of the mass told us the importance of humility and using our talents to serve God and others. After the mass, participants proceeded to the New Hall for the party. The party consisted of group games, woodwind performance by students lead by Mr. B. Kwan, chamber performance by students lead by Mr. C.Y. Tam and a film showing at last about The Nativity Story, refreshments and exchange of presents amongst participants. The Christmas Mass and Party were successfully held under the support of the school, Father Wong and the participating students. The whole function ended on time at about 12:45 pm.