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Interclass Banner Painting Competition

2013-04-10 10:00:00

The Inter-class Banner Painting Competition was held on 21st February, 2013 in the New Hall. 60 students from S.1 to S.3 competed in this meaningful event to show their creativity. The two topics this year were "139th Green and White Anniversary" and "Salubrity". The word "Salubrity" means the promotion of health. Both themes were brought out well in participants' designs and they received acclaim from visitors. This year we invited our English teachers, Ms. Amy Lo and Ms. Windsor Pang, and our Art Teacher, Ms. Y. K. Chung, as our judges. The scores were close, but in the end a champion, runner-up, and second runner-up were chosen from each form. Brother Thomas, Brother Jeffrey, Ms. Caroline Chan, Mr. W. K. Wu, Mr. Chris Chan, and Mr. Alfred Chan were invited as guests for the closing ceremony and awards presentation. All the winners accepted their awards with big smiles on their faces.