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Re: Getting Prepared for a New Academic Year


1st September, 2019
Dear Parents,

Re: Getting Prepared for a New Academic Year

We are aware of the concerns our parents may have over the recent social unrest in Hong Kong. As stated in our mission, St. Joseph's College is to impart a Human and Christian education to those entrusted to our care within the Lasallian family, and to do so with faith and zeal. We strive to educate students in areas of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, and emotional development. This process will take place in an environment conducive to learning and in the context of interaction between staff and students. The school will operate as scheduled on 2nd September and thereafter. We encourage and expect all students to be in school to attend all the lessons and activities we have planned for them.

Given students'safety is our primary concern, students who are late for school owing to adverse traffic conditions or other exceptional circumstances will not be penalized. Please call the school office in the morning after 7:45am and follow the policy on absence as stated in the Student Handbook should your son be unable to go to school.

If you find your son in need of emotional support, feel free to inform us such that our Counselling Team and School Social Workers will provide him with the support. Professional advice is also available from a psychiatrist who is our alumnus. For safety reasons, please tell your son to stay away from dangerous places and illegal activities.

Thank you for your support and trust you extend to our school all along. Let us work hand in hand to provide quality education and care for our children.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,
Perrick Ching