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Reminders to Parents


Dear Parents,

After a long break since the Chinese New Year holiday, classes of S3 to S5 will first be resumed on 27 May (Wed), and classes of S1 to S2 on 8 June (Mon). Upon class resumption, we will employ the practice of summer timetable.

On top of maintaining good personal hygiene, we would like to solicit co-operation from our students on the following:

1. Students are advised to bring their own food and drinks as the school canteen provide pre-packaged food and beverage only.

2. No eating in their classrooms. During recesses, students of S1, S2, S3 and S5 should eat in New Hall or Old Hall while S4 students should eat in the classrooms of S6A, S6B or S6F.

3. Students should refrain from talking when having meals. They should put their masks on before talking.

4. After school, students are advised to leave school immediately as there are no after-school activities at all.

Please rest assured that we have taken precautionary measures to ensure a clean and safe learning environment for our students.

Thank you for your kind attention.

St. Joseph’s College
25 May 2020