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Arrangements during Class Suspension


Dear Parents and Students,

In view of the escalating fourth wave of Covid-19, EDB announced on 29 November 2020 (Sun) that face-to-face classes and school activities of all secondary schools are suspended starting from 2 December 2020 (Wed) until the beginning of school Christmas holidays.

In order to prevent students from falling behind in their studies during the period of class suspension, the School has made the following arrangements:

1. Online Classes (following the summer timetable)

Core and Elective Subjects 100% real-time online lessons will be conducted.
PE, AE, Music and Visual arts 50% or above real-time online lessons will be conducted.
Supervised-learning Lessons Cancelled.
Form-teacher Sessions As usual.

S1-S5 students shall attend online lessons from 2 December to 22 December.

S6 students shall attend online lessons from 2 December to 3 December.

** Teachers should end their lessons 2 minutes earlier.

2. Half-yearly Examination 2020/21

S6: It will be held as scheduled from 4 December to 22 December.

S1-S5: It will be postponed and held from 4 January to 21 January. Despite the postponement, the examination syllabi will remain unchanged.

3. Face-to-face Classes for S6 students

S6 students shall attend face-to-face classes from 4 January to 29 January.

For further updates, please pay close attention to school website and e-Class.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best wishes,
YF Wong