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Class Suspension until the End of CNY Holidays


Dear Parents and Students,

The Education Bureau announced on 20 Jan (Thu) that with effect from 24 Jan (Mon), all secondary schools will suspend face-to-face classes and school activities of any kinds until the end of school Chinese New Year holidays. Our school has made the following arrangements:

1. S1-S5 Online Lessons
Starting from 24 Jan (Mon), S1-S5 students will attend online lessons using summer timetable. Please refer to the link to online lessons given by subject teachers.

Students shall collect all their learning materials from school tomorrow on 21 Jan (Fri) for their studying and doing holiday homework for CNY holidays at home.

2. S6 Mock Exam
S6 students will sit for the Mock Exam for the period of 25 Jan (Tue) to 28 Jan (Fri) in school as scheduled.

3. Post CNY Holidays Arrangement
For the class arrangement from 14 Feb (Mon), please check school website and e-class regularly for further update.

Students shall not take off their masks any time and must follow the social distancing and precautionary measures strictly at school during the afore-mentioned period.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Stay safe and healthy.

St. Joseph's College
20 January 2022