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Web Publishing and IT Team

The 19th cabinet of Web Publishing and IT Team (2014-15)

Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Poon S. 5E
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Terence Li S. 5D
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Sherman Lam S. 5E
Senior Editor: Anthony Leung S. 5D
Senior Editor: Kevin Cheung S. 4E
Senior Editor: Thomas Ong S. 4E
Senior Editor: Felix Wong S. 5E
Senior Editor: Enoch Lau S. 5A
Senior Editor: Yung Kin Lun S. 5D
General Secretary: Raphael Man S. 5E
General Secretary: Jess Kwong S. 5E
Design Advisor: Nicholas Mo S. 5C
Financial Secretary: Matthew Poon S. 5E

Written by Terence Li (F.5D)

Who We Are










Back in 1997, the Web Publishing Board was set up on the 12th of January, and its main function was to maintain the official SJC website, known as Green & White Online. Other than that, it also offers website design courses to students for providing an opportunity for them to learn programming languages and design their own websites. Moreover, students with potential would be invited to join our team and form their own cabinet in the next academic year.

After merging with the Information Technology Support Team in mid-2014, the Web Publishing and IT Team is currently also responsible for any IT- related affairs in SJC. Because of the need to manage all the IT-related affairs efficiently, our team has been set up as an independent organisation seperated other clubs or boards.

With the help of the powerful features of the Internet, we provide Josephians and visitors around the world with the latest information about our school. Imagine, with a click of a button, a Josephian on the other side of the globe can know what is happening right now, right here in St. Joseph's.