St. Joseph's College

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Introduction to the New Education System of 3+3+4

To cope with the challenges of the 21st Century and the demand of Hong Kong's rapidly developing knowledge-based society, the EDB need to effectively prepare our next generation. Therefore, the EDB developed a new senior secondary and university system that is of international standard and to give every student access to three years of senior secondary education.

Course Structure for the NSS Curriculum

Core subjects:
- Chinese Language
- English Language
- Mathematics
- Liberal Studies

Elective subjects:
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Economics
- Information and Communication Technology
- Geography
- Tourism and Hospitality Studies
- Chinese History
- Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
- Religious Studies

Applied learning course

Other learning experiences:
- Aesthetic Education
- Physical Education
- Religious Studies
- Moral and Civic Education
- Community Service