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Message from Principal

Welcome to the website of St. Joseph's College.

Founded in 1875, SJC is the first of all Lasallian schools in Hong Kong. Its advocacy of all-round, whole-person education and commitment to strong Catholic moral values has made it one of the premier schools in Hong Kong. We topped all schools in Hong Kong with four students attaining 10As in the last HKCEE in 2010.

We aim to touch the hearts of the students confided to our care; in turn they touch the hearts of many more in our society, our country, our world with the talents and virtues they developed in their young years. We are pleased to see that many of them have become prominent leaders of Hong Kong and the world. Sir Professor Charles Kao, the Nobel Laureate in Physics 2009, is one of the most eminent examples.

Besides maintaining high academic standards, we give a lot of freedom, autonomy, opportunities to our students and enable them to take part in life-wide learning, enter various inter-school competitions, and organize big school functions. In return, our students are very sincere and truthful with their commitment. They display a strong sense of belonging to and take pride in the school. They excel in all kinds of extra-curricular activities and competitions.

We are keen to keep in touch with our old boys, and they are loyal to their alma mater. They never fail to give financial, moral and spiritual support to SJC, its staff and students. With Hon. Dr. Sir David Li Kwok Po as its Chairman, and with other prominent old boys, including Hon. Ronald Arculli, Dr. Hon. Leong Che Hung, Hon. Jeffrey Lam and Mr. Edward Ho Sing Tin, as members, the St. Joseph's College Foundation raises funds for school projects aiming to provide SJC with rich teaching resources to keep pace with the rapidly changing curriculum and modern advances in science and technology. Our old boys in the medical, legal, business and finance professions help us profoundly by organizing mentorship programmes to train their junior Josephians during summer vacations.

With its fine tradition and good name, SJC has always been extremely popular in the local community. We know the community places high expectations on SJC, wishing it to sustain its heritage and keep on blooming for the community's benefits.

So we would continue to uphold the doctrine of education for all: we welcome outstanding students from a great range of backgrounds, and we delight in that diversity. I would like to invite all aspiring parents and their children to browse our website regularly and keep on learning more about us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 36524888. Our email address is info@sjc.edu.hk.

Ms. Caroline Chan