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School Counselling and Guidance Team

Counselling Mistress: Ms Li Dawn

Coordinators in Each Level:

Level Coordinators Staff Room
S1 Ms Li Dawn,
Ms Lin Cherry
Room E,
Room F
S2 Mr Yeung Benny,
Ms Sin Lily
Room A,
Room E
S3 Ms Lo Jacky Room E
S4 Mr Tam KK Room E
S5 Ms Fok Jasmine Room C
S6 Ms Li Dawn Room E

The School Counselling Team will co-ordinate with the School Social Worker and other functional teams within the school in providing customized pastoral support to individual student and at the same time launch guidance programmes for students, parents and teachers.

Social Worker

School Social Worker: Ms. Wong Jodie, Mr. Chan Kenneth
Contact Phone Numbers: 3652 4887 (Ms. Wong, school)
3652 4791 (Mr. Chan, school)
2549 5106 (office)
Service at school: Monday to Friday (9:00a.m.-5:30p.m.)
Social Worker's Room: Room next to 1A classroom

Counselling and Guidance Team Information
Please follow this link. Counselling Website