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Cancellation of S1 Discretionary Places (2020/2021) Interview

In view of the latest situation of novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau announced on 25 Feb 2020 that all schools will resume class on 20 Apr 2020 (Monday) the earliest. Due to the deferral of class resumption, the Secondary One Discretionary Places (2020/2021) Interview will be cancelled.

The admission criteria and weightings have been adjusted as follows:

Admission Criteria and Weightings

Performance in primary school (report cards as reference)
as revealed in:
• Academic and EDB's rank order
• Extra-curricular activities and awards
• Conduct

According to the Education Bureau, parents of successful applicants will receive notification from School by email and phone on 7 April 2020 (Tuesday).

The results of Discretionary Places and Central Allocation will be released at the same time on 7 July 2020 (Tuesday).