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S1 Admission Talk

2015-12-03 15:30:00

St. Joseph's College 2016-2017 S1 Admission Talk was unprecedentedly conducted on 28th November, 2015 (Saturday). Near one thousand parents and students were interested and came to listen to the admission details for the coming year. In order to accommodate all parents, a live broadcast was used in the Old Hall this year.

We were honoured to have Mr. Chris Chan, the acting principal of St. Joseph's College, to introduce the details of admission. Also, Mr. W K Wu, the vice principal, talked about the pastoral care in St. Joseph's College. Finally, Mr. Ronald Sum, representative of the school alumni, mentioned the assistance provided by Old Boys.

After this event, we hope that parents are able to understand to prominence of St. Joseph's College and learn about the admission requirement of new Josephians.

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