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Congratulations to Mr. Tony Lai

2018-09-05 09:54:00

Congratulations to Mr. Tony Lai

We are proud to announce that Mr. Tony Lai, one of our old boy parents and our former PTA Chairperson, was presented a "Top 10 Outstanding Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Leader" Award of the 5th Hong Kong Top 10 Outstanding Parents Election on 18th August 2018 in recognition of his specific experiences of serving both SJC PTA and SJPS PTA, and achievements in parent volunteer work.

The purpose of the 5th Hong Kong Top 10 Outstanding Parents Election is to recognize and appreciate parents' and educators' contribution to education development in Hong Kong. The awards are presented to outstanding parents and PTA leaders who utilize their spare time and participate actively in educational and social services, as well as gather willing and capable parents to build a harmonious society. Of all the 20 prize-winning parents or educators, 10 outstanding parents and 10 outstanding PTA leaders were elected respectively based on their nominator's 300-word article on "Recommendation Rationales", their own 1,000-word article on "How should parents position themselves in education aspect?" and their own performance in both group and individual selection panel interviews.

Our Principal (Mr. Ching) and the two Vice-Principals (Mr. Sin and Ms. Wong) made their appearances at the prize presentation ceremony in support of Mr. Tony Lai.