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Congratulations to Mr. Heskey Tsang

2019-03-18 15:21:00

Caroline Clapham IELTS Masters Award

We are proud to announce that Mr. Chi Lai Tsang, a teaching staff at our English Department, has become the first HongKonger to receive the Caroline Clapham IELTS Masters Award. This international award is given annually to the Master's-level dissertation which makes the most significant contribution to the field of language testing. This year, the award goes to Chi Lai's dissertation 'Examining Washback on Learning from a Sociocultural Perspective: The Case of a Graded Approach to English Language Testing in Hong Kong' (supervised by Dr Talia Isaacs at University College London).

As the winner, Chi Lai, in addition to receiving a prize money of 1000pounds, was fully sponsored by the IELTS partners to attend the 41st annual Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) at Atlanta, Georgia the most prestigious conference in the field, where he led a paper presentation and delivered his winning speech at the annual banquet.

Chi Lai's dissertation, which was also commended for the British Council Masters Dissertation Award 2018 earlier in the year, was published by the British Council and is available at https://englishagenda.britishcouncil.org/sites/default/files/attachments/chi_lai_tsang_ucl_dissertation.pdf.