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S1 Opening Ceremony

2021-09-20 10:48:00

On the morning of September 1, the annual Opening Ceremony was held in the Old Hall. With our new Form One Josephians in attendance, the ceremony was aimed at instilling in them the wisdom and knowledge needed to reach their full potential as Josephians.

After the customary flag-raising ceremony, our esteemed Principal, Ms YF Wong, delivered a speech on discipline and the appropriate values which are essential for us to live up to the Josephian title. Next, our first alumnus speaker, Fahim Hossain, made a speech on personal goals, identity and the Josephian spirit. Our second alumnus speaker, Jack Chan, recounted his journey at SJC, as well as tips and tricks to improve one’s school life. The final speaker, Vice Principal Mr Szeto, taught us the importance of identity, rights, responsibilities and national security.

The Opening Ceremony has successfully initiated a new cohort of promising Josephians into our school. Welcome to St. Joseph’s College!