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S1 Admission Talk

2021-12-01 09:07:00

On the pleasant afternoon of the 27th of November, the annual S1 Admission Talk was hosted. Aspiring Josephians were accompanied by their parents to attend an informative briefing on our school’s unique achievements, the virtues we take pride in, the plethora of learning opportunities and unconventional curriculum offerings.

After an introduction on the school’s recent achievements and heritage by student speakers, our Principal Ms YF Wong was invited to introduce our school spirit and elaborate on the long list of achievements and prominent alumni of our alma mater, which was followed by a speech from our Vice Principal Mr Sin regarding the curriculum offerings and the distinctions achieved through our exceptional education. Our Vice Principal Mr Kwok was invited shortly after to elaborate on the student leadership opportunities through a diverse range of academic societies and uniform groups, as well as the emphasis on all-rounded development and acquisition of social skills, nurturing Josephians into trailblazing neoterics. The series of speeches concluded with our alumnus Dr Louis Poon’s sharing on the compelling student lifestyle and enduring unity of the Josephian family, and was followed by an ardent, heartfelt correspondence by the President of our Students’ Union, Christopher Li, who recounted the phenomenal experiences enjoyed among students.

The Admission Talk was able to inspire and muster collective awe and amazement from the attendees. We hope that you will join us soon as Josephians on our beloved campus!

For more information regarding admission, please visit sjc.edu.hk/admission.php