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Latest Updates


Dear Parents,

Below please find the latest updates for your information.

1) Upon class resumption, winter timetable continues until 15 June 2020 (Mon).

2) Final Examination 2019/20 starts from 16 June 2020 (Tue).

3) The last school day of this academic year falls on 24 July 2020 (Fri).

4) Graduation Ceremony will be held on 12 June 2020 (Fri) instead of 26 June 2020 (Fri).

5) The weekly teaching schedule for the period of 2 Mar to 3 Apr 2020 can now be accessed on school website as below:

Path: sjc.edu.hk / About SJC / Circulars / Syllabus / 01 Teaching Syllabus

In view of the latest situation of novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau announced on 25 Feb 2020 that all schools will resume class on 20 Apr 2020 (Monday) the earliest.

For the sake of our students' health, all school activities for the period of 3 Feb 2020 through 19 Apr 2020 will be cancelled or postponed.

For the said period, our school premises open from 8.15 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

Please advise your son to avoid going to crowded areas, and stay at home as far as possible. Students should access to both e-class and google classroom regularly for study materials, assignments, and educational videos from their teachers.

Thank you for your attention.

St. Joseph's College
4 March 2020