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Letter from Principal to our S6 Students


Dear S6 students,

I would like to share with you some of my experiences in difficult times. We have to face many ups and downs throughout our life; be happy if you are doing good, share your joy with your family and friends.

What would I do the other way round?

Starting from very young, I would like to listen to or sing some songs to encourage myself. Not joking, the first one is Our School Rally,

All through our College,...

Forward nor flinch nor fear,...

Sons of St Joseph's valiant and true!

The second one is 'The impossible dream'

The third one is 'my way'

Most probably, you have your own songs to serve the purpose, but the first one always helps.

We are in a big family, St. Joseph's College, you are not alone; peers, teachers, parents and old boys are always supporting you along the way.

We are Josephians!

Best Wishes
Perrick Ching