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First Day of Class Resumption


Dear Parents of S3-S5 students,

After four months apart, we are happy to see our students again tomorrow on the first day of class resumption.

Given students' safety is our primary concern, students who are late for school owing to adverse traffic conditions or other exceptional circumstances will not be penalized. Please call the school office in the morning after 7:45am and follow the policy on absence as stated in the Student Handbook should your son be unable to go to school.

If you find your son in need of emotional support, feel free to inform us such that our Counselling Team and School Social Workers will provide him with the support. Professional advice is also available from a psychiatrist who is our alumnus. For safety reasons, please tell your son to stay away from dangerous places and illegal activities.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,
Perrick Ching