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Registration Day for New Secondary One Students and Parents (2020-2021)


Date: 9 July 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Venue: New Hall, St. Joseph’s College

Students please bring along the following documents:
- Allocation Slip and Admission Slip issued by EDB

- A copy of HK Identity Card
(If the student’s HK Identity Card bears the symbol “C” (for conditional stay) at the line below the date of birth, please also bring along other valid travel documents.)

- One recent passport-sized photograph for the issuance of student card
(please write down student’s name and HKID no. at the back of the photograph.)

Students may purchase summer vacation assignments and school uniform at the booths in the Old Hall.

New S1 students and parents are highly recommended to attend the Registration Day as this is a chance to meet the Principal, Subject Panel Heads and PTA Chairman, to get more information about our school and the upcoming programmes set for them.

If you are unable to attend the Registration Day at 9:00 am on 9 July, please follow the pre-set registration schedule shown on the Allocation Slip and Admission Slip for registration.

St. Joseph's College