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Special Announcement


Dear Parents and Students,

This is to announce that some of our students are now in quarantine. For the safety of our students, teachers and staff, we have made the following arrangement:

No Entrance to Campus (19/9 - 20/9)
According to EDB’s guidelines, no activities of any kind shall be conducted at school between 19 Sept (Sun) and 20 Sept (Mon). No one shall enter the campus during the aforementioned period.

Online Classes on 20 Sept (Mon)
Since the school will be closed for cleaning and disinfection between 19 Sept and 20 Sept, online classes will be conducted for all students on 20 Sept (Mon). Students shall attend online classes in accordance with the school’s summer time table. Students shall go to the Google Classroom for the link to online lesson.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay safe and healthy.

St. Joseph's College
18 September 2021